Standing Committees

Unless otherwise noted, all committee meetings are conducted at:
FTDNC Headquarters
9747 Wheatland Ave., Shadow Hills, CA

Applications are now being accepted for new committee members. If you are interested, please attend one of the meetings lisited below and express your interest to the chairperson.

Budget and Finance Committee Meets Second Monday at 7 pm.

  • Standing members: Treasurer (chair), Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Communications and Outreach.
  • Reviews and investigates grant requests received from other committees for legal and technical feasibility before submitting to the General Board for a final vote.
  • Assists the Treasurer with bookkeeping and other finance-related tasks.

Communications and Outreach Committee – Meets First Thursday at 7 pm.

  • Standing member: Vice President for Communication and Outreach (chair).
  • Attempts to educate the stakeholders about FTDNC and how it can help them.
  • Responsible for the purchase of outreach materials and equipment.
  • Solicits and receives grant requests from community members and organizations.
  • Represents the FTDNC at public functions and distributes educational materials and literature.

Equestrian Committee – Meets Second Thursday at 7 pm.

  • Facilitates education and encouragement of equine-related activities ranging from connecting stakeholders to the proper resources regarding horse licensing as well as providing information for local equine medical care.
  • Advocates for the maintenance and preservation of the existing equine trails in the City and for improvements in horse and rider safety in the Traffic Code.

Executive Committee
Meets Mondays directly following the Budget and Finance Committee at approximately 7:30 p.m.

  • Standing members: President (chair), the Vice-President for Administration, the Vice-President for Communication and Outreach, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and the Corresponding Secretary.
  • Consider and recommend to the Board the location of Council offices.
  • Create and follow administrative policies and procedures for the conduct of the Council’s business.
  • Make recommendations to the Board for the hiring and termination of staff and consultants.
  • Authorize the expenditure of money (any amount up to $200) for the sole purpose of refreshments and advertisements for outreach functions.
  • Act as a consulting body in setting the agenda for the General Meeting.

Land Use – Meets First Tuesday at 7 pm.

  • Reviews upcoming developments and zoning changes in the City, discovers local opinion, and advocates for stakeholder Lobbies for a fair approval process, where community residents can be able to have a fair comment period for drastic changes.
  • Advocates for the preservation of ultra-low density uses and passive open space.
  • Holds the City accountable to the Specific Plans and local protection rules.

Public Safety – Meets Second Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

  • The Public Safety Committee shall coordinate and develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness community plan.
    • Anticipate, Assess, Prepare, Prevent, Respond, and Recover from any natural disaster that may affect our community.
  • Moreover, another purpose of the Public Safety Committee is to take into consideration health and quality of life issues. These issues shall involve but shall not be limited to:
    • Homelessness
    • The abatement of criminal and nuisance activities
    • Decreasing the over concentration of alcoholic beverage selling outlets
    • Community cleanliness and blight removal
    • Beneficial community resources: commercial/business and community amenities (Local community access to a safe, full service, commercial/business district and shopping center. Local community access to safe parks and other recreational/education facilities.)
    • Access to nutritious and affordable fresh food (fruit and vegetable Farmers Market and a quality full service Grocery Store)
  • The mission of the Public Safety Committee is to promote community health, safety, and quality of life via communication and training. These issues shall involve but shall not be limited to:
    • Monthly outreach,
    • Neighborhood Watch,
    • Hands on training partnerships,
    • Workshops,
    • Conferences,
    • Guest Speakers,
    • Collaborations with other Neighborhood Councils,
    • Government officials,
    • Fire, and
    • Law enforcement: Community Police Advisory Boards, Senior Lead Officer program, and other LAPD programs –

Rules and Elections Committee – Meets First Thursday of Month at 8 pm.

  • Standing member: Vice President for Administration (chair).
  • Develops and proposes Standing Rules under which the General Board will conduct its business.
  • Responsible for the tending and amendment of the Bylaws under which the FTDNC operates (All rule and bylaw changes or proposals must be ratified by the General Board).
  • In election years, is responsible for co-ordinating the General Board election.