Council Area 4

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Starting at the city limit near the north end of Orcas St following the city limit NORTHEAST to FTDNC border at Big Tujunga Road.
SOUTHEAST along Big Tujunga Rd. to Oro Vista (excluding all habitable areas north of Big Tujunga Wash in Riverwood Ranch as described in FTDNC boundaries)
SOUTHWEST across country to 210 Freeway at Wentworth St.
SOUTHEAST along the 210 Freeway to the intersection of Green Verdugo Fire Road
WEST across country to the intersection of Teazle Canyon Road and Sunland Blvd
NORTH on Sunland Blvd to Johanna Ave
NORTHWEST along Johanna Ave. to La Canada Way.
WEST along La Canada Way to Wheatland Ave.
NORTH along Wheatland Ave. to McBroom St.
WEST along McBroom St. to Clyborn Ave.
NORTH to Wentworth St
NORTHEAST along Wentworth St. to the Western border of the Hansen Dam Basin
NORTH going counterclockwise around the Hansen Dam Basin to Orcas Street so as to include all properties on Woldrich St.
NORTH along Orcas Street to the starting point.