Council Area 5

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Starting at the intersection of McBroom St. and Clyborn Ave
EAST along McBroom St to Wheatland Ave.
SOUTH along Wheatland Ave to La Canada Way
EAST along La Canada Way to Johanna Ave.
SOUTHEAST along Johanna Ave to Sunland Blvd.
SOUTHWEST along Sunland Blvd to Teazle Canyon Road
SOUTHEAST across country to the intersection of Green Verdugo Fire Road and the 210 Freeway
SOUTHWEST across country passing SOUTH of Ormond St and Sunland Park Drive until reaching Sunland Blvd at the intersection of the Hansen Heights Flood Control Channel and Sunland Blvd.
NORTH along Sunland Blvd. to a point halfway between Chivers Ave. and Stonehurst St.
NORTHWEST passing SOUTH of Elinda Place and Stonehurst Recreation Center to the intersection of Sheldon St. and Wentworth St.
NORTHEAST along Wentworth St to a point due north of Clyborn Ave.
SOUTH to the intersection of Clyborn Ave. and McBroom St.
SOUTHEAST along McBroom St. to the starting point.