FTDNC Area Boundaries

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Begin at the N.E. Corner of the Los Angeles City/Los Angeles County border in Big Tujunga Wash on the provided map.
Follow the city/county border WEST to Paxton St.
Go WEST on Paxton to Foothill Blvd.

Go S.E. on Foothill to Osborne St.
Go S.W. on Osborne to Glenoaks Blvd.
Go S.E. on Glenoaks to Montegue St.
Go EAST along the southern border of Hansen Dam
Golf course to Wentworth St.
Go S.W. on Wentworth to Sheldon St.
Go S.E. (paralleling Glenoaks) past the southern tip of Stonehurst Rec Center, then
Go EAST across country to the intersection of Stonehurst St. and Sunland Blvd.
Go SOUTH on Sunland to Chivers St.
Go EAST in a straight line following the existing boundary of the Sun Valley Neighborhood Council, then back West along their boundary until it intersects with the Hansen Heights Channel (storm drain).
Go SOUTH behind the westward facing commercial properties on Sunland Blvd. to just north of the south facing properties of Vinedale St.
Go EAST behind (north of) the south facing properties on Vinedale St. to the ridgeline (a clear physical boundary) above Vinevalley Drive, then
Go S.E. Along the ridgeline to the N. E. (upper right) corner of the WESTERN half of Verdugo Mountain Park

Go counterclockwise around the western half of the park, then
Go EAST along the LA/Burbank border (cutting through the East half of the park) until the border turns due NORTH.

Go NORTH on the LA/Glendale city border to the 210 Freeway.
Go WEST on the 210 until it crosses Wentworth Blvd.
Go N.E. across country along the southern edge of the Big Tujunga wash to the joining of Oro Vista Ave. and Big Tujunga Road.
Go due NORTH across Big Tujunga wash until reaching upper Oro Vista Ave.
Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council – By Laws Page 4 of 14
Go due WEST to the furthest western point of Oro Vista Ave. Continue due WEST to the southernmost point of Riverwood Drive.
Go due NORTH behind any western (east-facing) homes on Riverwood Drive. Continue NORTH behind any western (east-facing) homes on Ebey Canyon Road. Follow Ebey Canyon Road EAST (behind any south-facing homes) to Doane Canyon Road.
Go SOUTH on Doane Canyon Road to the end of the road, then continue SOUTH across Big Tujunga wash to the intersection of Big Tujunga Road and Oro Vista Ave.
Go N.N.E. on Big Tujunga Canyon Road to the N.E. Corner of the Los Angeles City/Los Angeles County border and the National Forest in Big Tujunga Wash on the provided map where we began.
The boundaries may be adjusted in accordance with Article V of the Plan.

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